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Recently Reviewed: Vanquish, CataGugl, AstroRanch, ARGirl and Above & Below

This set of reviews has been a long time coming...I'm hoping that I'll be able to publish my reviews in a more timely fashion in the future, but for now let's focus on these 5 games.


First up is Gamevil's Vanquish. If you're a fan of RPGs, I'm sure you know that Gamevil also makes Hybrid, Hybrid 2, Zenonia and Zenonia 2...they also make a few baseball titles. In any case, this game is a bit different for Zenonia because there are less RPG elements to it and more button mashing elements to it (at least for me...)

In any case, a game like this one is better explained via video review, so if you're interested, feel free to watch my video review of VANQUISH: The Oath of Brothers VANQUISH:. Also available in a free version if you'd like to try before you buy: VANQUISH: The Oath of Brothers Free VANQUISH:

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iPhone / iPad App Picks of the Week

Some of my picks of the week!

Arcade Action with Geometry Wars - $.99 for a limited time! Has the look of classic Tempest on steroids. Very challenging! [iTunes link]

Just in time for Halloween! Monster Mayhem - FREE for a limited time! Graphics and game play are awesome! [iTunes link]

Super Brainy Puzzles and great cartoons by Graham Annable - Puzzle Agent - $.99 for a limited time! [iTunes link]

Apple Releases iOS 4.0.2 - Fixes Exploits

Apple today released an iOS update to fix a PDF vulnerability that could allow an exploit to take over any iOS device. Hackers were able to exploit this vulnerability and jailbreak your phone via the website Also available for the iPad: iOS 3.2.2 Update.

Use iTunes to update your iOS devices. For more info on what is getting patched, see Apple's Tech Bulletin.

Pioneer Duo Series XW-NAC3-K iPod/iPhone Docking Station

I'm sitting in my room, writing this review while listening to an internet radio jazz station on Pioneer's new Electronics Duo Series XW-NAC3-K Docking Station for iPod. The NAC3, for short, doesn't just look great, it sounds great too. This sleek speaker system is capped with a sharp looking white plastic deck that allows not one, but two iPods or iPhones to be attached. Blue LCD display along with blue LED accents for the buttons add to the slick details of this sound box. This unit would look right at home on the set of Star Wars with it's cool contemporary looks!

The Pioneer NAC3 is capable of docking, charging and playing two iPod or iPhone devices at once. This means that the NAC3 can shuffle music between the two connected iPod devices. When put into this mode, called Shuffle2, the two iPod/iPhone units play alternately and crossfade between each song. A moment before the end of a track playing on the first iPod/iPhone, the volume is raised on the track that begins to play on the second iPhone/iPod. Now anyone can play DJ with two iPods and be the life of the party!

iOS 4.1 beta 3 drops Game Center support for iPhone 3G

Looks like game center won't be compatible with the iPhone 3G and Apple's second generation iPod touch, or at least it seems this will be the outcome if folks who have the latest beta of iOS 4.1 are correct.

iOS 4.1 beta 3, a pre-release that was seeded to developers on Tuesday has dropped support for Game Center for older iPhone and iPod Touch models. Previously the iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod touch were able to run Game Center in earlier betas.

This isn't a surprise as the older hardware has so little RAM that it can't support a lot of new features in iOS 4. Some users have complained of major problems with iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G, which Apple is looking into.

Via AppleInsider.

iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual

I've been hoping to learn a little iPhone 4 development for a while now, and this summer I planned to try my hand at learning how to use the iPhone SDK and Objective C. The trouble is, I knew nothing about programing and really didn't know where to start aside from Apple's own documentation.

Luckily the Missing Manual series has just the thing I've been looking for: iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual by Craig Hockenberry, who just so happened to be the developer of Twitteriffic, a very popular Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad. The book promises to help you get to know the tools for developing an iPhone app and takes you through the steps of building one right off the bat. It also dives into the basics of Objective-C and Cocoa Touch as well.