Dutch Bros Donates $220451 for Breast Cancer Research

Dutch Bros Donates $220451 for Breast Cancer Research

According to the statistics received from the survey of American Cancer Society, together with Merck, the pharmaceutical company, more than 5.5.million women will be victims of cancers every year by 2030. "But nothing could be further from the truth", said research leader Ophira Ginsburg, a professor at the University of Toronto.

Persistent underinvestment in LMICs, which receive just 5% of global funding for cancer, has exacerbated the issue.

Does your country determine your survival rate?

In a series in The Lancet medical journal, we highlight the gross inequities in access to prevention, early detection, and treatment for these two common cancers. According to the President of AWO, Mrs. Hilary Arko-Dadzie, the campaign was part of her organisation's effort to support the fight against breast cancer.

"With many competing health priorities in low- and middle-income countries, services for women's cancers are given low priority and allocated few resources".

One leading breast cancer charity has welcomed the announcement but says the decision follows rejection of several other treatments by the NHS rationing body.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has raised $1.9 million for breast cancer awareness in the last 10 years through its Motor Vehicle Vision's Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness specialty license plates.

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But, they added, numerous deaths in these low- and middle-income countries could be prevented with cost-effective treatment. Cervical cancer diagnoses could rise by 25 percent to 700,000 by the same year.

Women with later-stage breast cancer may gain up to three months of extra life after health regulators gave the NHS the green light to prescribe the first new drug to treat the disease in nearly a decade.

"We have not been paying attention to the burden of cancer in terms of women's health". Where is the fund for women's cancer in the developing world?

'Eribulin significantly improves overall survival in women with this disease and it is therefore an important option against breast cancer'.

Gender equality has its own goal in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030, and thus presents a critical opportunity for advocates and activists in the gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and cancer associations and communities to link forces with other women's advocates to drive greater investment in fighting cancer. The countries with the highest death rate were Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea.

"Not only are the costs of essential cancer services for women lower than expected, but scale-up of diagnostic, surgical and treatment services are a highly effective investment compared the devastating economic cost to countries, communities and families".

Prof Sullivan added that by 2030, this situation could be turned around if policy-makers, politicians and healthcare professionals take action now.