Dozens of false killer whales stranded off South Florida

Dozens of false killer whales stranded off South Florida

One whale has been seen alive and another 13 or 14 are unaccounted for, officials said.

Mass strandings are not uncommon for the species in Florida, though the size of this incident was the largest in recent history.

Both false orca and short-finned pilot whales are actually large members of the dolphin family. NOAA confirmed that the first reports of the stranding came in on Saturday afternoon, and along with a team from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission they went to the site, about an hour's boat ride from shore. "The whales that were beached were scattered and spread out all along the shoreline and deeply embedded into the mangroves making response efforts extremely hard".

"There are all age classes, males and females ranging from adults to juveniles and calves", Blair Mase, NOAA Fisheries Southeast Marine Mammal Stranding Network coordinator, told the Florida Keys News Monday. Rescuers had to humanely euthanize nine of the animals. They weigh about 1,500 pounds and are 15 to 20 feet long, according to NOAA Fisheries.

Strandings of false killer whales are rare in the United States, with the last occurring in 1986 when a pod of 40 swam close to Cedar Key, Florida, according to Mase.

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It is now unclear why the massive stranding occurred.

"Down in that area of Everglades National Park it's very shallow-very easily for even a human to get lost navigating through those waters", Wolf said, adding that the pod might not have been able to use their echolocation to find their way around.

The agencies attempted to heard the whales, but were unsuccessful at doing so.

It is not yet clear what caused the pod to strand themselves.