Texas teacher gets 10 years for sex with boy, 13

Texas teacher gets 10 years for sex with boy, 13

The 24-year-old faced 30 years in prison after prosecutors accused her of continuous sexual abuse, but she received less time after pleading guilty to a lesser charge, according to KPRC.

The former Stovall Middle School teacher who admitted to having sex with her 13-year-old student has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. During her investigation, Vera told an officer that she and the student kissed in the auto during their first meeting, and the next day when the boy's parents weren't at home, they reportedly had sex.

Evidence also showed that Vera moved the boy's father into her own home and initially told police she was dating the boy's father.

Texas State District Judge Michael McSpadden sentenced a teacher to a decade behind bars on Friday - in part, he said, to "send a message" about what we need from those who educate our children. She told authorities that she and her young lover had engaged in sexual activity almost daily - nearly 150 times in the five months they were together. She said they met during summer school, and the boy asked to follow her on Instagram. A report said the student was in her class.

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Vera said the student asked if the two of them could hang out and she agreed, according to court documents.

Karen Lawson, a therapist testifying for Vera, said she thinks Vera "was driven by being in love" with the boy.

Vera said that the boy's parents approved of the illicit relationship.

. After the open house, Vera went to the student's home and was introduced as his girlfriend to his parents. Vera reportedly became pregnant with the boy's baby in January 2016, and the teacher told authorities that the student's family was supportive and excited about the baby.

Court documents said Vera had an abortion because she got nervous when Child Protective Services showed up at school in February to question her and the student about their relationship.