Spokane officer pulls woman from burning auto

Spokane officer pulls woman from burning auto

A police officer put his life on the line Friday night to save a woman trapped in her burning auto in Spokane, Washington. Her locks also wouldn't open, which is why Schwering had to break open the windows. Though it was a fire call, it was broadcast on police channels.

According to a statement from Spokane Police Department, Schwering managed to break a hole in the window with his baton but couldn't get the door unlocked.

He then was forced to reach into the vehicle and pull the entire driver's side window out, allowing him to help Novak climb out the window.

When fire crews arrived, the vehicle's engine compartment had been "fully engulfed in flames". The grill and bumper melted away and left burning puddles beneath the auto.

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"He was determined he was going to get me out he wasn't gong to let me burn up", she said.

That's what was going through Novak's mind as flames and smoke began to take over the front of her vehicle.

Kimberly Novak was on her way back home from a quick trip to the store to get ice cream when she drove over an icy patch that had refrozen.

She says smoke began to rise from the hood, then flames. When Novak tried to get out of the auto, the locks would not work. The call was broadcast on both fire and police channels, and several officers responded to the call. "I honestly believed I may not make it out of there", Kim Novak said. "It's humbling to think it can happen that fast without any warning", she says. It is still unclear what caused the fire. And one of her neighbors and Officer Schwering helped pull Novak out and got her to safety.