Betsy DeVos Approved By Senate Education Committee--But Now Accused of Plagiarism?

Betsy DeVos Approved By Senate Education Committee--But Now Accused of Plagiarism?

Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., a member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, voted against DeVos. The vote couldn't have been much closer: The 12-11 vote was evenly split along party lines, with Republicans on the committee unanimously voting in support of the MI billionaire.

CNN notes that there were over 1,000 questions that DeVos supposedly answered, but "it's unclear what role aides and staffers played in answering the queries". She passed after Sen. Supporters say DeVos will be an effective advocate for the school choice movement; opponents question her commitment to public schools.

The Post also reports that throughout the questionnaire, DeVos pull phrases verbatim from Department of Education materials without using quotes or citing her source (which is a basic "don't").

The Trump administration said that the allegations are an attempt at "character assassination".

In the hearing earlier this month, DeVos agreed that Trump described sexual assault in a leaked hot mic video from a 2005 entertainment show and turned a discussion of guns in schools turned on grizzly bears.

Sen. Patty Murray said Tuesday she is reviewing written answers the MI billionaire provided to the Senate that may include plagiarized material.

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Now, the vote will go to the full Senate, before DeVos can be confirmed for the position. Lamar Alexander, Democrats submitted over 1,000 questions to the nominee for her to take home and do at her leisure.

"Do note, she has not yet earned my full support", said Sen.

Democrats must channel all of that outrage in a persuasive direction if they are going to stop her confirmation before the Senate. "To level an accusation against her about these words included in responses to almost 1,400 questions - 139 alone from the ranking member - is simply a desperate attempt to discredit Betsy DeVos, who will serve the Department of Education and our nation's children with distinction if confirmed", said Trump education adviser Rob Goad. In 2011, Devos and her husband founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter high school. Patty Murray of Washington, the ranking Democrat on the committee.

DeVos, a wealthy Michigan GOP donor and conservative activist, has long supported charter schools and allowing school choice.

Thomas Crowley, a protester, said, "We need to protect our public schools and I don't think Betsy DeVos is the person we can count on to do that".

She is also not the first Trump staffing pick to face plagiarism allegations since the President's election.