Missouri governor signs right to work law

Missouri governor signs right to work law

IL is now one of 22 states with no right-to-work laws on the books. "Today right-to-work sends a very clear message the people of Missouri are ready to work and Missouri is open for business". His Democratic predecessor, Gov. Jay Nixon, vetoed right to work in 2015.

Beatty says Greitens "should have had the courage to sign the bill" at Boeing, Ford or a union shop, so he could explain it to those workers. That's a trend that Missouri does not need to see.

Eventually, he rounded back to his office at the Missouri Capitol, where supporters crowded around his desk and applauded as he hailed the bill as a "simple and straightforward measure".

The Springfield Republican has been pushing right-to-work since being elected to the House in 2012. - "a far too familiar sight for many towns across Missouri", according to a release from the governor's office - and to Poplar Bluff, where he held ceremonial signings.

Several business-friendly organizations applauded Greitens' quick action on signing the right-to-work legislation, which supporters say will help bring jobs to Missouri.

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"This is about more jobs", Greitens wrote on Twitter. Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and now Missouri all have the same rules giving workers the choice of paying union dues instead of allowing unions to collect dues as a condition of employment.

Although people nationwide view unions in an increasingly positive light, union membership has fallen. The governor had pledged to sign right to work while on the campaign trail. The two groups will have until August to gather about 100,000 petition signatures to qualify for the referendum.

During his State of the State address last month, Greitens called on lawmakers to repeal the state's law on prevailing wages.

No state can compel workers to join a union, but in states without right-to-work protections, non-union employees can be compelled to pay union dues, regardless of their status as a non-union member.

But as Greitens and Republican leaders enjoy their victory, union members remain fearful that the new policy will lower wages, benefits and workplace safety for the state's middle class.