$4 million Lamborghinis recalled due to fire risk

$4 million Lamborghinis recalled due to fire risk

Not that you'll ever see a Veneno on the road, but if you do, and it's revving while standing still, grab a fire extinguisher.

Along with these 5,900 Aventadors are being recalled from all over the world as well, according to Automotive News. The 12-cylinder, 750-horsepower supercars are among approximately 5,900 Aventadors - 1,500 in the USA - that also are being recalled for the same issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a report that said the problem lay with the fuel tank.

Lamborghini said seven cases of fire have occurred worldwide.

The issue affects all Aventadors-and model variants like the Veneno-built from May 22 2011 to December 5th 2016.

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Cars with overfilled tanks that have their engines revved when stationary are at particular risk, and fitting an aftermarket exhaust system just makes matters worse. This fault can cause fuel vapors not to be properly treated, which, combined with "particular maneuvers", can cause the vapors to come into contact with hot gasses and lead to a fire.

Lamborghini has agreed to notify all owners of affected vehicles who will be instructed to take their auto in to an authorized dealer. Certain actions, such as revving the vehicle while idling, can put fuel vapor close enough to the hot exhaust system to create a fire risk.

Other limited edition models covered by the recall include the Aventador Anniversario (100 units) and the Miura Homage (50 units).