Did you see the light in the NorCal sky on Tuesday AM?

Did you see the light in the NorCal sky on Tuesday AM?

He says that two missiles were launched on Tuesday morning as part of Follow-on Commander's Evaluation Test (FCET), designated FCET-53.

The Trident II D5 is the latest generation of the US Navy's submarine-launched ballistic missiles and has a range of 7,359 km (4,573 miles).

Videos of the missile test, many of which were filmed on the road, show a bright point in the sky with a beam of light radiating below it. A Navy spokesman said the tests were safe. At no time did the missiles fly over land.

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"All missile test flights were conducted from sea, flew over the sea, and landed in the sea".

The Defense Department said Tuesday that Lockheed's space systems business will also support deployed Trident II missile systems under the modification. It was unclear how far off the coast the test was done because the Navy did not disclose that information.

Loren Thompson, a military analyst at Lexington Institute, said that the USA military needs to reconcile safety with secrecy because if a foreign country were to monitor a missile launch, they would be able to gather intelligence about how it operates and potentially use that knowledge in the future to defeat it.