Palestinians must agree to conditions before peace

Trump's aides contributed to the confusion by stating that Washington remained committed to the two-state solution that remains a staple of Mideast diplomacy, but added that the administration was also open to alternative solutions. They may be considering moving in tandem with the improving U.S.

Rudd's comments also come as Israel continues to move ahead with the construction of more than 4,000 homes on Palestinian land in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, something Rudd said would only inflame tensions.

But this will only occur with genuine support of Palestinians, not by forcing an outcome upon them. "My country stands ready together with other Arab countries to work and to see how we can promote that", Mr Al Jubeir said.

It would be pertinent to recall here the initial efforts of former President Obama in this regard.

Today the USA and Israel find themselves at odds over issues such as the Jewish settlements in the West bank and Gaza or if Israel should pursue a one or two state solution to their borders, but in the past, confrontations have been much more substantial, and sometimes violent.

Netanyahu's official visit is the first to Singapore by an Israeli head of government. Despite this flagrant abuse of worldwide law, last September. In 2015 more than half of the US's foreign military aid went to Israel. Israel is the innovation nation, we're both entrepreneurial centers. The Jewish people have passed learning from one generation to another, an inquisitive mindset and the ability to produce new things. Israel takes the money, it takes the arms, and it rejects the advice.

Ties have expanded, and both men said there was room for more cooperation, which now includes research and development, technical cooperation and education.

During his visit to Israel, Mr Lee had urged Israel and the Palestine to resume direct negotiations towards a just and lasting two-state solution. Subsequent reports tell of competing plans by Netanyahu and Kerry and demands by the Israeli for American support for specific elements such as building in the three settlement blocs.

Netanyahu referred to Singapore and Israel at the news conference as being "kindred spirits". Since these countries - and Israel - all want to increase the level of coordination, a solution that tames the impact of the Palestinian issue on the larger, more important issues, is necessary.

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However, because this narrative has become so accepted in the U.S., no questions were raised about whether the charges are true or how whatever the Palestinians say or do compares with Israel's incitement against Palestinians, documented instances of Israeli violence against innocent Palestinians, and the daily humiliation, brutality and violence of the occupation.

Others worry about the balance of the US's aide to Israel.

"It is something that is very different, hasn't been discussed before" was Trump's naive account. This is being attempted to create a Palestinian unity government given the new global reality that is unfolding after the US Presidential election.

"For eight years, there was tension and friction with the Obama administration".

Despite all these developments the existing stakes have been raised once again by Israel on February 6 through the Israeli Knesset controversially voting and approving by 60 to 52 a contentious bill.

Do Arab leaders also have power over the Palestinians?

We have an interesting year ahead.

That should extend to the United States.