Queens: Cow Runs Loose After Slaughterhouse Escape But Is Recaptured

Queens: Cow Runs Loose After Slaughterhouse Escape But Is Recaptured

An escaped bull that was captured by police after running loose in NY for several hours died during transport.

The animal was cornered just over an hour later in the yard of a home on Marsden Street in South Jamaica, but then ran again.

Police chased the bull for almost three hours, as the animal dodged officers and managed to make its way around police tape.

Residents today were still shocked to see the bull, Bauman reported. In January and April of 2016, police had to chase cow that likely got loose from a nearby slaughterhouse.

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"A crew from an animal sanctuary picked up the animal and is taking it to a safe place", ABC 7 reports.

Police said the caller believed the cow escaped from one of the five slaughterhouses that are in the Queens area.

"I saw this big black thing running with all this drool from its mouth like it was ready to eat something alive", said neighbor Kenneisha Cassan, 27. "It was all over there by the Baisley Housing".

The cow was on the run for at least two and a half hours before finally being stopped about 12:30 p.m.in a backyard.