Donald Trump is struggling to keep his border wall promise

Donald Trump is struggling to keep his border wall promise

The trip comes at what is seen as a low point in relations between the two countries, which have enjoyed peace along their 3,100 kilometer-long common border since the Mexican-American War of the late 1840's.

He said in January that Mexico would reach out to other countries to seek alternative trade accords.

Trump has vowed to end Mexico's privileged trade relationship with the United States, blaming Mexico for the loss of American jobs.

Two key members of President Donald Trump's cabinet are hoping to soothe concern and anger about the new US administration's policies towards Mexico.

The trip follows the Trump administration's announcement Tuesday of major changes to the enforcement of immigration law at the border of Mexico and in the USA that make nearly anybody in the US illegally subject to deportation at any time.

Kelly on Tuesday issued new orders to authorities to begin arresting and deporting illegal immigrants. Kelly signed new directives that will allow federal agents to more aggressively crack down on undocumented immigrants in the United States on February 21.

"He hasn't made any progress other than to say, we're going to do it", Seth Stodder, a former senior homeland security official, told The Guardian.

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Roberto Campa, who heads the human rights division of Mexico's interior ministry, added Videgaray was referencing the "hostile" and "unacceptable" plan to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico if they cross the southern border.

No detailed agenda has yet been released for the Mexico visit.

"I want to make clear in the most emphatic way possible that the government of Mexico and the Mexican people do not have to accept dispositions that one government wants to unilaterally impose over another", Videgaray said.

The relations between Mexico and the United States were chilly long before disclosure of the deportation plan.

Mexican officials have rejected calls by Trump to pay for a border wall. He said he wanted to reduce references to Mexico paying for the proposed wall because he didn't support a wall being built at all.

"No", he said when asked if the Cabinet officials were visiting Mexico to smooth over tensions with its government.