After Batman, Warner Bros adds Nightwing to DC film franchise

After Batman, Warner Bros adds Nightwing to DC film franchise

The character of Dick Grayson (former Robin) helps Batman with a variety of things including doing small tasks while Batman takes out the big baddies like Joker. At one point, Nightwing was the leader of the Teen Titans, so if we're lucky, we could see an introduction to the popular teenage superhero team.

An argument for either case could be made, but given the level of success - both critically and commercially - the DC movies have achieved so far, trying something more fun (and closer to Lego Batman in terms of lightness, if not aesthetic) might not be the worst idea imaginable. Whereas the original "The LEGO Movie" engulfed audiences with an extremely catchy, if not irritating song that got stuck in the heads of fans for weeks, months, and years following its release, "The LEGO Batman Movie" features songs that are absent from the memory even before walking away from the theater. The character has never been in a live action film, but that may soon change. This tension makes for one of the most entertaining elements of the story as Batman must learn to work in a group, talk about his abs a bit less and start taking the role of "padre", as Robin so affectionately calls him. With the amount of easter eggs snuck into the movie, viewers may not catch them all the first time around.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Will Arnett) is living large in Gotham City as the world's greatest detective.

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By pairing this news with the announcement with Reeves signing on for The Batman, it makes Warner Bros. and DC Films look like they're on the up.

McKay's animated Lego Batman Movie has been universally praised and Warner Bros. are keen for him to bring his humor and understanding of the Batman characters to Nightwing.

The first two acts of the film feel organic and fit together well; however, the third act does get a little insane and feels somewhat rushed due to Lego trying to fit in as many cameos as they can during the film's runtime. Garnished with a slew of references to villains of every Hollywood hit from "Lord of the Rings" to "Godzilla", the movie keeps your childhood senses stimulated and floods your memory with positive blasts of films past, all the while teaching a valuable lesson on self-sacrifice and teamwork.