Detained and Nearly Deported

Detained and Nearly Deported

A French historian who has taught at the Sorbonne and Colombia University was detained by U.S. customs for 10 hours yesterday.

"I have been detained 10 hours at Houston International Airport about to be deported", Mr Rousso, 62, confirmed in a tweet on Saturday. "I don't think the officer who made a decision to detain him really understood the visa requirement and the technicalities on getting an honorarium, which are permitted under his visa", Marouf told The Guardian.

The agent who questioned Mr Rousso was "concerned that he was giving a lecture and was getting a good stipend to do that", Richard J. Golsan, a professor at the university who had arranged to have Mr. Rousso speak to his class last week, told the Times.

But in the early hours of the morning he was admitted into the U.S. after the president of Texas A&M, an immigration law professor "and several lawyers" intervened.

Authorities wrongfully detained a French Jewish Holocaust scholar at the Houston global airport earlier this month and almost deported him.

It remains unclear what about Rousso was identified as suspect by immigration authorities.

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The university successfully managed to rectify the situation gaining him the right to enter due to the expertise of Fatma Marouf, one of the university's specialist law professors. All that is required is an online ESTA application before departure.

US authorities came close to deporting an Egyptian-born French Jewish Holocaust-era scholar on his way to speak at a symposium at Texas A&M.

In late January President Donald Trump issued an executive order imposing a 90-day entry ban for citizens of seven Muslim majority countries, though not including Egypt. Vichy authorities are particularly infamous for assisting the Germans in rounding up and deporting tens of thousands of Jews from France during the Holocaust, a awful truth that Rousso once called "the past that does not pass".

He thanked supporters on Twitter, and added: "My situation was nothing compared to some of the people I saw who couldn't be defended as I was".

"It is now necessary to deal with the utmost arbitrariness and incompetence on the other side of the Atlantic", Rousso wrote Sunday in the French edition of the Huffington Post.

He was able to get in touch with lawyers as well as the head of the university he was visiting who managed to convince the federal airport agents to let him enter the United States.