Head of EPA to Roll Back Obama Environment Regulations

Head of EPA to Roll Back Obama Environment Regulations

"They can't make it up as they go".

Mining industry representatives contended the proposed changes were unnecessary and redundant because of other programs meant to prevent mines from becoming government cleanup liabilities.

The regulation - known as the Waters of the United States Rule and adopted by the Obama administration - expands the definition of waters subject to the jurisdiction of the EPA under the Clean Water Act.

"We're going to pay attention to process", he said.

"We are not going to have 'sue and settle.' We are not going to lead that agency in a way that regulates through regulation".

Pruitt applauded President Donald Trump, saying that he "is leading with great decisiveness ... is expressing great action, is saying we're going to fix that".

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"We are going to be a partner that advances environmental issues and restores the notion of "federalism" that's consistent in our environmental statues", he added.

"Because the challenged injunction presents a clear violation of defendant's due process rights, is an abuse of discretion, and imposes highly onerous burdens on defendant, this court should stay the order of the court below until this appeal can be fully litigated on the merits", the attorney general's litigation division said. The agency said the amount could be covered through third parties such as surety bonds or self-insured corporate guarantees.

"Rule of law matters", he said. Sometimes, we think it's an academic or legal content. Pruitt also said he intends on working within the "rule of law", not making up laws on a whim. That information, which was released last week, was in connection wit the botched execution of Clayton Lockett and a related case involving the availability of certain lethal injection drugs in which Pruitt's office "misrepresented facts" - no surprise there.

Pruitt, just days into his tenure as EPA chief, is dealing with a familiar irritant for past agency leaders: transparency regarding his communication records with those trying to influence public policy. "He and his staff were too busy communicating and colluding with fossil fuel industry executives and industry front groups over plans to stop President Obama's efforts to protect clean air and water, and save thousands of lives".

"He characterized the coming four years as a period of "hope and optimism" and "a new day of freedom" as "we roll back the regulatory state". "They don't exist simply to carry out federal dictates from Washington, D.C. There are substantive requirements, obligations, authority, jurisdiction granted to the states under our environmental statutes".