Galway church offers modern approach to Ash Wednesday

Galway church offers modern approach to Ash Wednesday

"Ashes to Go" is a new approach to this timeless Christian tradition, where St. Mary's will be offering ashes at the Tuxedo train station from 6 to 9 a.m.

"If you go and look at the Glitter Ash promotional page that Parity put together, there is no mention of sin at all", Walton relays. "While the ideal Ash Wednesday is always spent in community, with the celebration of Holy Eucharist, it is a joy to be able to bring the Ash Wednesday call to repentance and declaration of pardon to the cracks of the lives of busy people".

He said people often tell him why they can't be in church that day or what keeps them from where they want to be.

But some religious leaders think Ash Wednesday should remain glitter-free.

The priest said the use of ashes goes back to Old Testament times when sackcloth and ashes were worn as signs of penance.

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The somber occasionbegins a 40-day period when Christians are asked to think about the central belief of their faith: the death and resurrection of Jesus, said the Rev. Donald Senior, president emeritus of the Catholic Theological Union based in Chicago.

Reverend Donald Senior, president emeritus of the Catholic Theological Union stated "If you start changing its meaning, some are going to feel this is a political statement".

But Senior acknowledged that the intent of those choosing glitter ashes isn't inappropriate.

What is that black mark on the forehead of some people? "I have no intention to take away from that message".

"It reminds us that we come from dust, and to dust we shall return", he said.