Pediatricians warn about dangers of pot use by kids

Pediatricians warn about dangers of pot use by kids

"Teenagers are at a critical time of brain development, and they have lifelong impacts from marijuana use during adolescence". "Seeing parents use marijuana makes kids more likely to use it themselves, whether or not their parents tell them not to, because actions speak louder than words", she said.

As marijuana use for recreational purposes is becoming legal in a growing number of USA states, pediatricians are warning about dangers of kids using the controversial drug. Some young children who accidentally swallowed their parents' pot-containing cookies or drinks have landed in the emergency room for mostly minor symptoms, although some developed breathing problems. The AAP recommends pediatricians offer guidance during office visits, and advise parents against using marijuana around their children.

AAP recently issued new guidelines and urging parents and doctors to save the children from the harm of marijuana.

According to the report, increasing legality of marijuana across the country for medical and recreational use has created "an environment in which marijuana increasingly is seen as acceptable, safe, and therapeutic".

The authors said the report tries to rebut any perceptions that marijuana is safe, even as 29 states and Washington, D.C. allow its use for medical purposes, recreational use or both.

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An influential United States doctors group has released a new report advising parents against allowing their teens to use marijuana.

The pediatricians warned parents that the regular use of marijuana pot by the children could damage their memory as its effects on brain and it can also lead your children to lungs diseases, depression, addiction, psychosis problem and it can shake the focus of your child.

As more states decriminalize the use of pot, he says he is anxious teens won't take the long-term consequences seriously.

Many US states have now legalized medical use for adults, with many also decriminalizing or legalizing recreational use among adults. It can be treated with the counseling and medication.

"Parents will say, 'I use it moderately and I'm fine with it, so it's really benign and not a problem if my kid uses it, ' " he said.