Try crepes with a twist this Pancake Tuesday

Try crepes with a twist this Pancake Tuesday

The tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, known in some quarters as Pancake Tuesday, has been celebrated for centuries.

"We like to eat here at the Seniors Centre and ringing in Shrove Tuesday is a lovely excuse", said Beverley Nurden with a laugh. Among the adult races, there will also be the Shrove Tuesday Trophy in the pubs and clubs event.

Whatever you're topping your pancakes with this Shrove Tuesday, we hope you have a flippin' unbelievable one.

With only a tinge of embarrassment, I present our family recipe for pancakes.

Melt the butter in the frying pan and pour in the batter, flipping when the pancake started to come away at the sides. Traditionally pancakes are flipped in the pan but less than half of those who make pancakes on Tuesday will try their hands at flipping with men significantly more likely to give it a whirl than women.

Whether you like them sweet or savoury, fluffy or thin - Nottingham experts have the secret to making ideal pancakes.

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What is Mardi Gras - is that related to Pancake Day? English pancakes are made with plain flour (no rising agent), egg and milk.

It is believed that British people use roughly 52 million eggs on Pancake Day, which is 22 million more than any normal day! The nation's favourite topping is the classic combination of lemon and sugar (38%) followed by maple syrup (20%) and chocolate spread (15%).

"Self-raising flour also works better than regular flour and if you are avoiding dairy, using soya or lactose-free milk will make no real difference to the taste".

Toppings are what make pancakes really exciting.

Almost 300 of you voted in our poll, with 58 per cent of voters opting for sugar and lemon as their topping of choice. It's time to get tossing!