RSS leader's remark on Pinarayi draws flak

RSS leader's remark on Pinarayi draws flak

RSS leader Kundan Chandrawat's announcement of a bounty of Rs 1 crore on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan's head was widely condemned in Kerala.

They also demanded stern action against the RSS' Ujjain Mahanagar Prachar Pramukh Kundan Chandrawat, who promised the reward.

The CPM said: "The frustration of RSS is coming out in the open". Talking to ANI, he said, "Its my personal view". The video of hate speech went viral on social networking sites inviting widespread criticism against the RSS leader.

The RSS and the ruling CPI (M) are involved in politics of violence and bloodshed in Kerala with a slew of political murders reported particularly from northern Kerala in the recent years.

Most cases of political crimes have occurred in Kannur and Thalassery in north Kerala's Malabar region.

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The Ujjain meeting is part of the RSS effort to raise the national profile of its campaign against the Left in Kerala. I, Dr Kundan Chandrawat, am declaring from this platform, I have enough wealth so I am being bold in saying this - I have a house worth one crore, cut off the head of [Kerala chief minister] Vijayan and bring it to me and I will hand over my house and my wealth.

The state unit of Janadhikar Samiti supported by the Nagpur-based Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on Wednesday handed over a memorandum to the Governor Mridula Sinha expressing concern over the violent attacks on the members of the RSS and their families allegedly by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), in Kerala. "Will PM & his government stop remaining silent?" The sangh condemns any statement, which reflects the voice of violence. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala urged Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to immediately arrest the RSS leader who issued the threat.

The RSS was quick to distance itself from Chandravat's remarks. He has no right to live in this country. "They have killed over 300 RSS workers" he said.

Invoking Godhra train burning and the Gujarat riots that followed, Chandrawat said: "Bhool gaye kya Godhra ko? We will garland bharat mata with the heads of 3 lakh Leftists", he threatened.