The Best Legend of Zelda Cosplay From Around the World

The Best Legend of Zelda Cosplay From Around the World

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" series producer Eiji Aonuma talks about the future of the series beyond the upcoming sequel. Notable among them was an 8-bit, NES-style prototyping engine that was consistently used as a development tool when hashing out some of the game's physics and "chemistry" based puzzles.

The 2D #Zelda prototype we discussed earlier?

Be wary, there are potential spoilers ahead.

OpenCritic is a much more transparent operation, but its records only stretch back to games released after it launched in 2015.

Nintendo has created a Witcher 3-level masterpiece swan song with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and shortly after the review embargo broke, multiple flawless scores propelled the game to Metacritic's best games of all time list. Join Andru and GeekWire editor Todd Bishop on this episode of GearedUp for a review of the pros and cons, as well as a look into the gameplay for Breath of the Wild. The latest entry preserves the puzzle-solving challenges of its predecessors, but presents them in a brand new way. "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" gives the Nintendo Switch a killer app that the Wii U desperately needed. This isn't the first time a Zelda game has gotten flawless marks with the publication. One will be coming out in the Summer of this year, while the other will come out during the holidays.

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Polygon claimed this is a new dawning for the long-standing series, yet while there are a lot of big changes on show, it always feels like a Zelda game.

Although the game will not debut until tomorrow, Breath of the Wild has already received accolades from reviews by expert critics, which have begun to appear on various websites.

"What elevates Breath of Wild above its open-world contemporaries is its sheer freedom, both in its non-linear questing structure and in your ability to climb nearly any surface and travel in any direction once you leave the starting area", Jose Otero wrote at IGN. The ones I personally know of are open world exploration, non-linear dungeons and voice acting - something which hadn't been tried in Zelda since the infamous Philips CD-I games.

It's worth noting that whilst the game runs and looks great on the Nintendo Switchtablet (which I'm led to believe outputs at 720p), I did notice some performance issues when playing on the TV. "If you cut the grass in Breath of the Wild, there will be grasshoppers". For one, gone are the Z-targeting imbalances found in previous 3D Zelda games, which became a staple ever since Ocarina of Time. And what better 2D representation of a Zelda game is there than the classic Zelda game.