Lorde Returns With Her New Single and Music Video for "Green Light"

Lorde Returns With Her New Single and Music Video for

Lorde said she spent the past 18 months with Antonoff working on Melodrama, which will come out in the coming months.

Lorde has explained why she took a break from music after finishing the campaign for her debut album. "That's her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild". I am so proud of this song. Find new inspiration while basking in the comfort of days past with this cucumber vodka soda. Pop fans constantly yearn for this marriage of Big Moment and gorgeous nuance. Where you know that you have to say goodbye and give them their things back, even if you're not ready.

She said that she deliberately cloistered herself to concentrate on the successor to Pure Heroine, which sold more than three million copies in the United States.

Love is like a late night out. How we kissed when we danced on the light up floor On the light up floor. Regain your spark and rebound with a fiery bloody mary.

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The references to classic indie bands like Broken Social Scene are replaced with "brand new sounds" both in the lyrics and the music itself; the sparse, hip hop-influenced Joel Little production of Pure Heroine is replaced with Jack Antonoff's piano house keys and new wave-y guitars.

It's time to get Mr. Instead of lamenting a lover in a melancholy synth, "Green Light" picks up the pace. "I think it can kind of f-k with you if you're a kid".

Nothing like catching your ex in a lie.

On Wednesday night fans of the Grammy award victor were led on a treasure hunt and found a green-lit smoking vehicle in Ponsonby, the beach lit up in green in Herne Bay and a projection of a snippet of her song on a wall in Auckland City. This marg keeps it hot as you roll your eyes farther than they've ever gone before. Speaking about "Green Light" he tweeted: "Ella and I made "Green Light" in NYC in my apartment in a very small studio that looks like a club house". The image presented by the line "Did it frighten you/ How we kissed when we danced on the light-up floor?" is immediate and overwhelming, a burn so evocative that it's hard to move on from.