Denver Zoo Showing Off Pics Of Their New Baby Giraffe

Denver Zoo Showing Off Pics Of Their New Baby Giraffe

While you were waiting for internet sensation April to give birth in NY, the Denver Zoo quietly welcomed a baby giraffe Tuesday morning.

When born, the calf will weigh about 150 pounds, will be about 6 feet tall, and will leave its mother with its front hooves out first, followed by its snout, according to the zoo.

Surratt says April isn't quite in labor yet, and clues us in to some tell-tale signs that will let us know when she is about to give birth.

Animal Adventure Park began streaming on February 23 on YouTube showing April preparing to give birth.

The livestream saw as many as 30 million views in 12 hours, the park reported on Facebook - even though YouTube mistakenly took it down for a while last week, when someone reported it for sexual content or nudity.

April changed some of her behaviors overnight; she's choosing new spots to stand and sleep and going off her usual naptime routine, the Animal Adventure Park said in a Facebook post Friday.

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The only difference? The much-longed-for newborn is a giraffe - and one which is not afraid to take its time making an entrance.

"April, as many of you observed, had a good night but very active", the zoo wrote in its daily update on Facebook. Patch says the natural curiosity surrounding giraffes and their birthing process has been a huge factor in drawing crowds. Once the calf is born, it will remain in the barn with April until naturally weened from his or her mother.

An animal park in upstate NY has gone viral with a streaming video of a pregnant giraffe named April. The animals live at Animal Adventure Park. The zoo also warned fans of fake livestreams and websites selling giraffe-related merchandise.

"Giraffes are born after a 15-month gestation period", the zoo website stated.

When April does give birth, she will do so standing up, meaning that the calf will face quit a tumble. "Because of that, and with donated services from Hemo Solutions, a veterinary blood processing company here in Colorado Springs, we were already able to replenish our giraffe plasma bank, just in case of any emergencies with our herd".