Is that Bulbasaur on wheels? Nope, it's Volkswagen's new concept auto

Is that Bulbasaur on wheels? Nope, it's Volkswagen's new concept auto

The company describes the vehicle as the first-ever concept auto of the Volkswagen Group, pointing out that it will leave the job of delivering production models incorporating the technologies seen here to the various brands in its portfolio. It is based on Volkswagen's future sustainable mobility program "Together - Strategy 2025" and has been designed from scratch based on it.

Being such an automated machine, VW describes Sedric as an "all-electric, 100 percent connected and fully autonomous" vehicle that can independently handle all driving tasks - actually a human will never take control because there's no steering wheel, pedals, or cockpit.

VW CEO Matthias Müller revealed the Sedric concept, and said: "We are convinced that fully-automated vehicles will make life in our cities better, more eco-friendly and above all safer".

It doesn't look like the design leaves a lot of room for the essential components, but Volkswagen has gotten crafty here as well.

The Volkswagen Group concept previews a hi-tech vision for the future of individual mobility into and beyond the next decade. This permits a completely new sense of wellbeing in the vehicle - a welcome home feeling. Sedric demonstrates how a new integrated mobility system could function in the future. And while on the journey, they could read a book, take a nap or stay entertained via the windshield which doubles as a large LED screen with augmented reality.

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Take another good look at the exterior and you'll notice the Sedric does not wear a single VW badge.

Volkswagen's (VW) newest concept autonomous, Sedric is fully autonomous, and comes without steering wheel or pedals, and could be summoned at the push of a button for ride-hailing trips, like Uber and Lyft.

The most interesting fact about Sedric is that you can actually talk to it (no we're not bluffing). Soon Sedric will also get "children" and "grandchildren" with the Group's various brands. But Sedric can equally well be an individually configured owned vehicle of one of the Volkswagen Group's brands. These "child" concepts will be created in typical designs for the brands and will feature tailor-made and customer-specific characteristics for equipment.

Electric motor VW says that the Sedric uses a 136hp electric motor and has a claimed one-charge range of around 400km, neither of which will matter a jot to those inside, because who cares what engine or how much fuel is in the tank of the taxi you've just stepped into?