Emoji just got lazy thanks to G Board

Emoji just got lazy thanks to G Board

Ever since Google Keyboard was launched as a standalone app, it is getting a number of new features, including those that were, until now, available only on its iOS counterpart. Android device users no longer have to use the separate Google Translate app to text or email each other in languages other than their own. Earlier Google has released these features in its Beta 6.1 as we reported earlier.

Here is an example: "If your friend and you are having a chat about dinner and are trying to identify in the Yelp app a good restaurant, you can go to the conversation and just type 'its at", and there will be the restaurant address automatically generated in Gboard.

Google also wants you to be able to more easily express yourself with GIFs and emoji. You can also translate texts sent to you in a foreign language.

The theme selector UI now separates solid color themes, recently used themes, and "Landscapes" into separate rows with which you can select.

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Today, other platforms, including Apple, offer emoji suggestions as you type, but Gboard is today upping its game by offering suggested GIF searches in the suggestion strip, too. There are also talks of adding gesture triggers to help users perform functions with speed and ease.

If you're a heavy emoji user, will you be using more now Google have made it easier?

A bit further down the feature list, but still important, is the addition of new themes to customize Gboard and a smoother interface transition from voice to touch typing. Gboard is a free download from the Play Store. Instead of leaving your messaging app to translate a word or phrase, now you can translate your text right in the Gboard app. Now, tapping the microphone will bring up a new voice typing interface without taking you away from your keyboard. Now, Gboard will do it all right there for you.