Alabama woman's daring escape from armed kidnapper

Alabama woman's daring escape from armed kidnapper

A WOMAN'S daring escape after being kidnapped by armed men and forced into the boot of a vehicle has all been caught on tape.

Police said the 25-year old victim was abducted from outside her apartment in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama.

The man drove to multiple ATMs and allegedly withdrew money before stopping at a gas station, where the victim ultimately escaped, reported. Police said the suspect pointed a gun at her and demanded money.

That was when she quickly realized she was at a gas station, as she sprinted away for help.

She had suffered a few minor injuries and was later taken to a local hospital to be treated by a family member, Alsabah said. At that point, Alsabah said, the man walked to the counter and asked for assistance. "It is believed the suspect was using her card to get money".

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Video of her daring escape was shot at the Gas Land petrol station, where the driver had briefly pulled in to stop. "I saw the trunk popped up", AlSabah told NBC News, "a woman ran inside". Surveillance video shows her jumping from the trunk and running to safety. "He looked like he had a pistol in his pocket".

Police are still searching for the kidnapper.

When the kidnapper went inside the gas station, he made a beeline for the ATM, where he attempted to withdraw a large amount of money, according to Alsabah.

The victim then ran inside and called 911.